What is cannoli?

Trevi Fountain in Rome
       Have you ever seen or eaten a cannolo? ( sing.)
If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting a pasticciera in Italy you’ll recognize this famous pastry by name. 
A delicately flavoured dough is rolled very thinly, cut and pressed around a metal form then deep fried in small batches until perfectly golden. A secret ingredient cause the distinctive blistering and lightness of the shell.
The shell is then carefully filled with a fresh, 100% natural whole milk ricotta, powdered sugar, whipping cream and 2 warm spices.
Gourmet flavours have additional delicious additions.
*trans fat free
*preservative free
* no artificial flavours or colors.
We use fresh fruit in season where possible, hand-candied nuts and the best ingredients we can source.
We shop locally and try to support BC made ingredients where possible.
Our goal is to share these delicacies with you and hope our love shows through in every delicious bite. 
Your satisfaction is our reward, please give us feedback as we are eager to hear from customers and strive to ensure you come back again and again.
Please keep refrigerated.